Self-storage staff
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About SSAM
The Self-Storage Association of Michigan formed in 2007 to respond to the needs of the self-storage owners and operators throughout the state. SSAM’s mission: Through legislation, education and marketing, the Self-Storage Association of Michigan works to improve the business climate for its members and encourage growth in all areas of the self-storage industry.

Self-storage can provide an affordable solution to any situation in which extra space is needed, and just about anything can be stored in self-storage facilities. Self-storage unit sizes can range from hoarding small items such as old clothing to mementos, to larger units that can store items as large as boats, cars, RVs and even entire residences!

Our members practice their businesses with the highest level of quality and professionalism. They offer facilities with varying options and sizes to accommodate almost anything you need to store. When you choose a SSAM member storage facility, rest assured that your storage unit will be secure. Many of our members have facilities that contain external gates or fences, password codes or access cards to enter, and security cameras. Search our member database to find a self-storage facility near you.

If you work in the industry, but not yet an SSAM member, download a membership application today!

The Tim DeWitt HARVEST Education Foundation

The Tim DeWitt HARVEST Education Foundation is a nonprofit education foundation created by the Michigan Manufactured Housing, Recreation Vehicle and Campground Association in 1991. In 2013, the Self-Storage Association of Michigan was added.

The Tim DeWitt HARVEST Education Foundation establishes educational programs and opportunities for students who wish to make a career in the RV and campground, manufactured housing or self-storage industry. In some cases, scholarships will be awarded to students even though their career goals may not lead them back to these industries. In cases like these, awards will be made to outstanding scholars or students with compelling needs.

What types of scholarships and grants are available?
The Foundation will make financial aid available to students accepted to enroll or currently enrolled at any accredited university or college. The amount of the awards may vary based on individual needs and qualifications.

How does a student qualify?
Students must forward a copy of the application to the Foundation office. The awards will be made based on the applicant’s ability to show that his/her educational goals are consistent with industry goals. The application’s presentation and thoroughness weigh heavily. The Foundation will base its decisions on need and/or merit. Students may qualify for each year accepted to enroll, or are currently enrolled at any accredited university or college.

Please check back fall 2020 for the 2021-2022 scholarship application form.

2020-2021 SSAM Board of Directors

Peter Spickenagel - President
Owner/Operator '21
Citizen Storage

Chad Lundberg - Vice President
Owner/Operator ’23
The Storage Group

Jeff Steffani - Treasurer/Secretary
Vendor ‘22
U-Haul Company of Central Michigan
Jim Abraham
Owner/Operator ’23
Abe's Storage

Theresa Gallas
Vendor ’21
Janus International

Adam Pogoda
Owner/Operator ‘23
Pogoda Companies