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The SSAM staff works diligently with legal and legislative counsels to monitor the progress of legislation that affects the self-storage industry and contributes input to assure that our viewpoints are represented, understood and protected.

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The Self-Storage Association of Michigan (SSAM) thanks you for supporting our industry. However, the SSAM is a not-for-profit trade association and does not mediate or resolve disputes between self-storage operators and tenants. For issues with your facility or unit, please review your rental agreement and contact the individual named there. Alternatively, call, email, or visit the facility in person to address and resolve the concern. SSAM does not have the power, authority, or ability to remedy any disputes between an operator and a tenant.

Self-Storage Association of Michigan – Protecting the Industry’s Interests EVERYDAY

Did you know that the Self-Storage Association of Michigan (SSAM) does tremendous work representing the interests of the self-storage industry in the halls of Michigan’s Capitol? The Association focuses every day on protecting and advancing Self-storage in Lansing through advocacy on members’ behalf. Serving as the industry’s advocate, though, can be somewhat intangible and difficult to quantify, especially in times of prosperity like now – but the threats are real nonetheless, and if not met head-on these threats can be substantively damaging to a facility’s bottom-line. Michigan’s Capitol

Bill 4774, for example, was introduced in Michigan in May 2021 and proposes to prohibit a facility owner from enforcing a lien until six months following the conclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic by order of the President, the Governor, etc. It’s SSAM that is working to prevent this and similarly negative policy from becoming a reality…but we need your help!

Some states have seen legislation to apply state sales tax to self-storage services. Others have seen proposals to expand liability on facility owners. While these proposals have not appeared in Michigan yet, the state is not immune to such threats and as the industry continues to grow, SSAM expects policymakers to pay more attention – good or bad.

Add your voice to the efforts to ensure prosperity continues for the self-storage industry in Michigan – become a member of the Self-Storage Association of Michigan today. Association membership is an investment in your industry! To learn more about the value of SSAM membership and to join, call (517.349.3300) or email the Association today!

Congratulations 2021 SSAM manager of the Year!

Upon the glowing nomination by Chriss Michalopoulos, of Pogoda Company, SSAM is thrilled to announce Jack Day, Property Sales Manager of Pogoda Company as the 2021 SSAM Manager of the Year.

With a large number of excellent nominee's, this was a difficult decision. What was clear, is that the self-storage industry attracts amazing people. There were a few characteristics and skills that placed Jack above the several qualified nominees.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Manager Of The Year. We look forward to recognizing another great manager next year.

Pictured with Jack:Chriss Michalopoulos

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